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Maca root, a “superfood” from Peru, has become a growing trend in women’s health today. It contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids considered important to hormonal balance and overall health.

Use of this root stems back 2,000 years in the Andes region of Peru as a remedy for various health conditions. In fact, it’s still significant to this day in the Andean diet.

What does maca do to the female body?

It is believed that maca root is good for female hormonal balance, libido, fertility, and relieving menopause symptoms and sexual dysfunction while also potentially improving cardiovascular, cognitive, and skin health.

  • Uplift Libido: Hormonal health and balance are important for a woman’s menstrual cycle and sexual desire, while an imbalance can lead to irregularities and diminished sex drive. Maca root is purported to stabilize sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which are important for menstruation and libido.
  • Fertility: Although more studies are required, maca root has been believed to fortify fertility and improve egg quality in women.
  • Menopausal Symptoms: Some symptoms of menopause are caused by hormonal shifts in estrogen and progesterone levels, producing hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and anxiety. Maca root potentially alleviates menopausal symptoms, given its suggested ability to balance hormones in women.

How often should a woman take maca root?

Before taking maca, consult your doctor or health professional. Up to 3-gram doses are typically considered safe, but the amount depends on your particular age and health context.

Different methods for consuming maca root include tablet or capsule form and powder. It can be mixed in batters, cereals, smoothies, and beverages, depending on your tastes and preferences.

How long does it take for maca to kick in?

As with many supplements, maca root will likely take prolonged regular use before seeing any noticeable effects. Some report experiencing improved energy, mood, and stamina within the first couple of weeks, but more significant effects may take up to 4-12 weeks to notice.

Should you take maca at night or in the morning?

Given that maca root is associated with increasing energy levels, the best time to take your supplement is likely to be in the morning or before an occasion requiring increased exertion, such as working out.

Can I take maca with other supplements?

There have been no reported adverse effects of mixing maca root with other supplements, though that doesn’t mean there isn’t the potential for them. Contact your doctor or professional health expert before taking it if you have any concerns.

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