Pet Care

At A Nice Apothecary, we stand by our commitment to the health and well-being of our pets. We recognize that pets are family and deserve the same access to medical resources.

More than anything, we want to ensure that your furry friends are supplied with the proper medication and nutrition to support their well-being. That’s why we offer medication compounding and synchronization at our Phoenix pet pharmacy.

Medication Compounding for Pets

The practice of compounding is becoming a popular solution to veterinary problems. Your pharmacist can provide specialized pet prescription services to veterinarians in the treatment of almost all animals.

We proudly offer Pet Care, including supplies, medications, and compounding, at our pet pharmacy in Phoenix, AZ.

Exotic pets, horses, dogs, cats, and zoo animals may all require medication at some point, and our pet pharmacy can assist veterinarians in offering dosages that are patient-specific in strength and formulation.

Compounding can also make medicating animals easier. Pet medications can be prepared in the form of flavored chews or capsules that animals accept without hesitation. When you have a need for compounded medication, trust the experts at A Nice Apothecary to provide the appropriate pet medication in the form, dosage, and formula of ingredients that are right for your pet.

Medication Synchronization for Pet Owners

With synchronized refills, our team makes getting pet prescriptions on time easy. Medication synchronization simplifies the process of managing multiple pet medications, ensuring no lapse in treatment. Rather than making multiple visits throughout the month, we’ll have all your pet prescriptions refilled and ready for pick-up or delivery at the same time.

Supporting Pet Health and Well-Being

Whether you’ve noticed frequent vomiting or difficulty with mobility, it’s concerning when our pets exhibit abnormal behavior. Just like humans, animals can have underlying symptoms due to various underlying causes, including allergies, obesity, and arthritis.

Did you know?

Awareness of what our pets are at risk for and how to support them best when warning signs show up is vital in preventing the progression of these conditions.

Look for the following behaviors in your pet, and reach out to your pet’s veterinarian for further diagnoses if you spot them:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Change in drinking habits
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Inability to urinate or defecate
  • Lethargy
  • Sudden weight gain or loss
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty getting up, walking, or running
  • Limping or whimpering

Preventive Care Tips

Our pets rely on us to stay happy and healthy. It’s essential to provide them with necessary preventative care. Your pet’s veterinarian is your primary source for understanding the medical services needed to keep your pet thriving and at their best. Some of the standard preventative measures recommended by veterinary professionals include:

  • Flea control
  • Vaccinations
  • Heartwork preventatives
  • Following a proper diet
  • Dental care

How to Administer Medications Safely

While it depends on the type of animal, oral pet medication can typically be administered in several ways.

Taken Whole

If your pet’s medication must be taken whole or they’re unwilling to take it even with food, there’s a quick method you can try for dogs from Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine:

  1. Opening your pet’s mouth, quickly place the medication as far back in the mouth as possible, preferably on the back of the tongue. 
  2. However, do not place your hand too far into the mouth, which may cause your dog to choke and gag. 
  3. Gently lower your dog’s head and keep his mouth closed by wrapping your fingers around his muzzle.

Hidden in Food

You can purchase pill pocket treats that allow you to place the medicine inside of the treat, hiding it from your pet. If the medication allows, you can crush it and mix it with liquid food.

Liquid Medication

For liquid medication, you must hold your pet’s mouth open and empty the prescribed amount inside. This form of medicine is usually most accessible with a dropper or syringe as it helps the medicine go down quicker.

Community Engagement in Maricopa County

Home Fur Good – A rescue organization committed to ending euthanasia for homeless cats and dogs in Maricopa.

Once Upon a Paw – Offers resources such as care, supplies, food, financial aid, and education to reduce shelter and abandonment rates.

PACC911 – Unites 140+ animal welfare groups in Arizona to form a strong animal rescue community.

Fix. Adopt. Save – A collaboration to decrease pet homelessness in Maricopa County.

Two Pups Wellness Fund – Provides financial aid through shelters and rescues for injured, neglected, and abandoned animals requiring life-saving care.

Community Canine Project – Supports local animal shelters and dogs facing the risk of homelessness in the community.

Hope Whispers – Looks for people to volunteer once a month to walk homeless dogs at the shelter.

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